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July 18, 2009
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Soren slammed his book shut. The wind had been getting rougher by the minute, eventually making it impossible to read as the pages wouldn’t hold still even when the mage tried to hold them down.
Soren stoop up from the rock he’d been sitting on and turned his gaze to the practice fight that was going on. Ike has asked Oscar to spar with him, and the two had been at it for what had seemed to the dark-haired mage like forever. As the fight had went on, Ike had taken off his cape after it started hanging on his face more often than not. As heavy as it was, Soren took notice the large piece of red fabric was now being slowly carried away by the storm wind.
“Ike”, the wind mage said in his usual, serious tone when the fighters took a brief pause. The blue-haired man instantly turned to him, trying to keep the longer bangs out of his eyes with a palm on his forehead. “Your cape”, Soren pointed out to the commander. Ike stared at the mage for a short while before he got it and ran after the red accessory. The red-eyed boy sighed. “We should be heading back. The wind’s gotten strong.” Oscar nodded. “You’re right. I think this is enough for today.” Their commander grabbed his cape from the ground and walked back to Oscar. He kneeled down a bit and grabbed the sword he had thrown down when dashing after his cape. Soren noticed a small piece of paper fluttering from Ike’s tunic. It landed just a little away from the mage and he walked to it fairly quick, before it could fly away again. The commander noticed and made a tiny panicked sound before sprinting to Soren. The boy however had already picked up the paper and was not looking at it, confused.
“A picture… of me…?” he asked Ike. The taller man blushed barely notably. “Umm… The other day, Mist told me keeping a picture of someone important brings good fortune… She wanted me to try it, too.” the swordsman explained. Oscar had reached the two. “But why Soren?” he questioned, slight mischief in his voice. Ike looked away from him. “I… um… You don’t think he’s important? Because, I, I really don’t know what we would do without his strategic knowledge and skills…” the commander said, keeping pauses and clearly being a little flustered. Soren looked at him without any notable changes in his expression, while the horseman chuckled. “Oh, sure he is important. Just… oh, never mind” Oscar sneered and took better hold of his lance. “We better go now before the wind picks up Soren or something”, the ex-knight giggled and began the walk home. The mage snorted but made no comments. He handed the picture back to Ike, with a tiny smile on his face, meant to be seen by no-one but the commander. Ike smiled back, still blushing slightly. He took the picture and put it safely back to the pocket it’d fallen from. The commander flung the sword to rest on his shoulder and marched after Oscar with Soren scurrying after him. None noticed the tiny folded paper that fell on the ground from the mage’s robes…

Later that night, Boyd was walking alone in the way calmer breeze than a mere hours before. He called it going on patrol, but it really was just a habit of his, watching the starry sky while recovering from the day’s work and training. Suddenly he heard a different kind of ‘scratch’ from under his boot than the grass made. He moved his right foot and saw a folded piece of sturdy paper. The axeman picked it up and unfolded it. He wasn’t sure how to react to the sight. Deciding it must belong to someone of the mercenaries, he put the picture in his pocket in order to return it to its owner, wondering who would keep with them a picture of Ike shirtless.
JUUSTO DREW THE MOST ADORABLE THING after reading the fic [link] <333 so cute.

Please ignore the probable lack of invention of the camera on Tellius.
I'm trying to keep it from bothering me.
Because I've been wanting to write a Fire Emblem fanfic so long and when a (cliche) inspiration finally struck, I wasn't going to pass the chance.

I don't like how little I describe the surroundings etc in this, but they weren't included in the inspiration so I'm not forcing it.
A little Ike x Soren cuteness.
I wanted to include something about Mist and Boyd exchanging pictures, but it wouldn't fit without making it sound like Ike chose Soren over Mist just because he had to... So you get to know it now: Boyd x Mist is really cute~
I hope I didn't write any of the characters too OOC. And I'm really sorry if I did!
Oh damn it's short. A shrimp. So small it cannot be seen without a magnifying glass. Maybe random people will read it cause its short...

Characters//Fire Emblem (c) Intelligent Systems
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Shinwa-Tsuki Featured By Owner May 8, 2013
Very nice!
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Luin tätä sillee, "ihanku olisin lukenu tän joskus" ja sit tajusin et son sun... XD
Ehana ^^
Minna-chan Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2009
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Bluejotain Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2009
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Inuyuke Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist

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Minna-chan Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2009
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xDD Yeah, but then you'd've had to go through a whole lot of commotion to get it down -3-
puppylovesesshomaru Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2009
Aww. So cute. I dont think the character's were OoC. At least not from what i saw. Maybe the pics were just sketches they made of eachother... Well then Ike's would probly be atrociouse. XD Maybe he had someone elso do it for him. lol. And Yes Boyd x Mist is very cute. i liked this story and i dont usually read.

p.s. Be carefull what you say about short. Ed might hear you. XD
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